In Uttarkhand it is a famous saying that if you want to know about Uttarakhnd, its people, society, life, culture, traditions and politics then either refer to books of scholars or listen to the songs of Nrendra Singh Negi. An institution by himself Shri Negi is amongst the most popular artists of Uttarakhand. He is not a mere entertainer but he is an artist, a singer, a composer and a poet, who is sensitive to his surroundings.

Be it the pain of a mother longing for her son, who is in the army, defending his country, a wife longing for her husband who migrated to the plains in the search of job, be it the issue of saving forests, be it the plight of the women of Uttarakhand leading a hard life in the harsh mountains, be it the issue of displacement and damage to environment due to huge dams like the Tehri dam, the problem of land and forest mafia, the high handedness of the forest dept , the problem of addiction to liquor, the threat of the man eaters or the political mayhem created in the state, all is covered by this great artist in his songs.

However he has also written and sung about the budding romance in the spring, the festivities, the velour of the jawans in the army, the light comic situations in the local busses in the mountain villages or the funny situations in the family. One finds all the flavors in his songs.

His concerns are not only local but also national.

Along with his live singing and music he also has a dance group of young men and women, who take you through the culturally rich and colourful state of Uttarakhand.


His shows are a true glimpse of Uttarakhand, the Devbhumi, the land of Martyrs, the land of rich flora and fauna, the land of innocent and hardworking people, the land of courageous and beautiful women.


Since last three decades Shri Negi has been relentlessly serving and enriching the music of this state through the thought provoking lyrics and soul stirring music. A man of this caliber also had to face a lot of controversy and trouble from the govt when he wrote   and presented to his audience the song Nauchami Narrain, uncovering the happenings of the then govt scenario.


An activist and a n artist Shri Negi is settled in the mountains, lives in Pauri Garhwal. He has traveled extensively in India and abroad as well, spreading the tuneful melodies and messages for humanity




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