Narendra Singh Negi Health, hard Fact Behind the Whole Story

The hard Fact Behind the Whole Story
The living legend of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Negi is indeed a courageous n brave man. Nobody can even imagine that despite unknowingly suffering from an acute pain n heart stroke three days ago in Beeronkhal, Pauri Garhwal where he had gone to present his cultural show, Negi took the chest pain for just a usual gastric problem n walked about 2.5 kilometres before heading for Dehradun. After arriving at Dun he while groaning in pain got himself examined to local doctors till finally his wife Usha n daughter in law, sensing serious trouble took him to CNI, Dehradun where he was detected with serious heart ailment, having suffered a major stroke in Beeronkhal. Negiji was admitted to CNI Dehradun on 28th June afternoon n was lateron at the advice n instructions of Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Trivendra Rawat rushed ( shifted) to MAX SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL in a critical state. The severe cardiac stroke was the result of the one hundred percent blockage of one of the major artery of heart (LAD). Due to the blockage of this artery, number of other severe complications occured n his lungs were filled with water including complications in Kidney. The highly experienced cardilogists namely Dr. Punit Sardana n Dr. PP Sharma were immediately summoned who without wasting a single moment put him on ventilator n conducted succesful angioplasty. The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat who visited MAX immediately after the critically unconcious Negiji’s addmission to the hospital also deliberated with the cardiac surgeons n requested them to give him the best possible treatment followed by the visit of the entire team of cabinet ministers . Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Narendra Singh Negiji’s fans, followers, near n dear ones’ n the entire print n electronics media closeted at the hospital vicinity with curiosity n anxiety to know about his well being. The social networking sites viz facebook, whatsapp n twitter handles were full of this living legend’s photographs, posts n messages of prayers n good wishes for Negiji’s expeditious recovery n long life. Some rumour mongering also went on n news about Negi’s condition becoming highly critical went viral like a wild fire. Some irresponsible n media savy people in a huff n haste with the intent to seek cheap publicity send highly objectionable, distorted, biased n fabricated news about Negiji being no more, sending shock waves around the country n even abroad. But things were brought under control by sidelining such irresponsible posts n deploring them to the hilt n also overcoming them with positive posts of his hundreds of thousands of well wishers praying for his speedy n expeditious recovery. After the critical 24 hours with God’s grace finally, epitome of Uttarakhand’s culture, eminent singer n heart throb of millions around the globe amongst the Uttarakhandies, Narendra Singh Negi defeated death n started responding positively to the treatment. The latest updates reveal that due to the alertness n dedication of the cardiac surgeons attending on him n the genuine prayers of millions of his well wishers world over- Narendra Singh Negiji is finally out of danger with his heart beat n blood pressure being normal. He is passing urine comfortably n his lungs n kidney also responding positively, functioning well to the fullest satisfaction of the cardiologists attending on him. His son Kavilas Negi, wife Usha Negi n other close relatives have have also heaved a great sigh of relief. In Narendra Singh Negiji’s recovery from such a critical stage one thing seems to be sure n it is that God do exists n the prayers of his millions of well wishers have been finally answered positively. AMEN

Written by Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists forum

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