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Himani Shivpuri hails from Bhatwani village (Previously known as Chamoli) is a graduate in Science, because of her main interest in acting she took admission in the National Acting Institute in Delhi. Himani Shivpuri from the stage actress in Delhi achieved her desire of acting in Hindi films. Himani Shivpuri is seen in almost all the films of most famous productions house like “Rajshri’s Production” are one of the few names. She works for movies more than Televisions serials.
The recently taken interview of Hemani Shivpuri at her residence at Jogeshwari (East) by our team sounds interesting….

How do you consider your attachment with Uttarakhand?
I was born in Uttarakhand and have spent my whole childhood and teenage at this beautiful place. My family is based there. My father stays in Mysore and brother is working in ONGC at Dehradun. So I am attached to Uttarakhand like a person is attached to their home. Uttranchal is my home.

How are your memories about Bhatwadi Village?
I have been to this place many times during my childhood. During summer vacations I used to get opportunity to visit this place. I still remember I loved doing grass thrashing over there, like the other women’s and girls did. I used to also steal jaggary and sugar from the sack and eat them. It was real fun . There are still many more such memories and mischief’s I did at that time are still fresh in my mind. I really miss those memories.

How do you describe the people of Uttarakhand?
They are good! They are a bit lazy! In fact by coming to Mumbai we have not done anything for Uttarakhand. We work with great dedication, honesty and respect. Our state (Uttarakhand) has been poor. Now we can only make it prosperous. Yes, the “Garhwali” and “ Kumauni” attitude has to be destroyed completely. If they continue to fight amongst themselves then it’s difficult to decide the future of Uttarakhand.

What to you see the most in terms of beauty in Uttarakhand?
I have been to many places abroad like Switzerland, New Zealand etc for my film shots, but I believe the magnificent beauty of Uttarakhand cannot be found anywhere.

Which place would you like to go in Uttarakhand?
Dehradun and Mussoorie are the world’s two most beautiful places according to me. The rivers, forests, mountains… I find them beautiful. Even here in Mumbai I have taken a house, which is near the mountains and has a good views.

What are your views about the New State Uttarakhand?
I was happy when it was declared as a separate State hoping many things would happen. The roads were broadened etc., nothing much happened after that. In fact I think about it sitting away from the place, it doesn’t help either. I have strong hopes for the development of Uttarakhand.

If you get an opportunity would you be interested to be in the politics and become one of the ministers of Uttarakhand?
I have many dreams that I will do something in my field and for my state, but destiny brought me to Mumbai from Delhi. The dreams are still incomplete, Lets see if I get an opportunity I shall do something for my state.

What are your dreams?
I want to do something for my country and the people staying in Uttarakhand. I want to uplift the culture of Uttarakhand. I really want to help them in any way I can.

What do you think would you be able to fulfill your dream by being a star? Would you be able to develop Uttarakhand by staying in this profession?

Yes! I will fulfill my dream by being in this profession, I don’t think by changing my profession will help me anyway or the people of Uttarakhand. When I was in Delhi I was aware about the happenings in Uttarakhand that time I had also written about “Chipko movement”.

Your father Mr. shailesh Bhatt has a good name in literature field, how does he convenience you will adapt to Uttarakhand’s customs, traditions and culture?
Yes my father has written many stories on it. He also has knowledge on the national song and music of Uttarakhand. He also wanted us to do the same and be more famous then what he is today. we also learnt “Pahadi” music and dance.

Do you remember any song of Uttarakhand?
Yes! I do remember many songs. In NSD we learnt many national songs of Uttarakhand and also music from the teacher. My father was a teacher of Hindi so he only use to teach language lessons in both the schools. I remember many songs like “Bedu Pako Baro masa, and many more such beautiful songs in kumaoni and garhwali.

Do you know your mother tongue?
Yes I can speak a little but not very fluently.

Have you seen any Uttarakhandi film?
Yes I had seen some two-three years back. It was not like bollywood movies, not very good. I didn’t like it much.

Do you think the film was not good because they don’t have much finance to make it more attractive?
Yes! This is one of the reasons. But money is not everything. If your intentions are good and ambitions are strong then anyhow you will do your best. When Satyajit Ray had made “Pather Panchali” at that time he also didn’t have money. But his intentions were good so the film had done well at box office.

If you get a chance to work in any Uttarakhandi film will you work in it?
Yes I will be very happy to do it.

How you can help the Utttarakhandi film in terms of finance money?
Yes! I will surely help, I had also done once but film did not materialize. It is obvious I am an Artist I should surely help. And after all I am Uttarakhandi, I want Uttarakhandi Theater to prosper in the same way like Bengali theater.


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